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Thursday, 14 March 2013

stitching on to felt.

Hi every one

I've just spent about 3 hours adding stitching to my latest felt before listing it on etsy and it occurred to me that most people do not realise what a difference it can make. I thought I would show you before and after pictures so you can see the difference.
In the first photograph I have already added stitching to the mountain but nothing else. The felt looks OK but not great.
In the second photograph all of the stitching has been added. The flowers are the most obvious. Instead of looking flat they have more definition and depth. All you need to do if you want to try this is to use a quilting foot on your sewing machine. Any thread will do but I prefer cotton or silk. I would not recommend silk to start with as it tends to break more easily. The felt is quite thick and sewing machines do not like that so can be a bit temperamental.
I first stitched around the outline of the flowers in a dark blue thread and added dark stitching near the centre of each flower to give depth and then I changed to a light blue and added highlights. I have also stitched around the little sheep, the cottage and added depth to the contours in the landscape. The best way to do this is to take a good look at your picture and pick out some places where you have made colour changes. Stitch around these and the scene comes to life.    


  1. Wow what a difference! Stitching does add soo much to the artwork. Sue, you showed a great example of what stitching can do. I am amazed. From now on I will keep this example in mind. Thanks!

  2. This is like some kind of wizardry to me... amazing talent & amazing results. One day (yes, really, probably when the kids are 100 & leave home!) I'm going to learn how to do this... ;)

  3. Promise I'm not a witch Cath. Wet felting is not that difficult. It's getting the fibres to stay where you want them that is the hard part.
    I could give a tutorial on my blog .