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Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Well the craft fair in Aberaeron was successful. Sunday was brilliant sunshine and literally thousands of visitors came. On Monday however, we had torrential rain. Even though the weather was so foul we still had visitors. I saw an some chainsaw sculptures for sale on Sunday and by the end of the day had promised to treat myself after selling just one more picture. When I saw the weather on Monday I decided that I was unlikely to sell anything and perhaps I should have it anyway to make up for what looked like a total washout. (Funny how I can talk myself in to things like that.)
Happily I did sell another picture as well as a lot of cards so did not have to feel guilty. I chose a wizard to bring a little magic to my garden. I think he looks like Gandalf and is made of solid oak. Meet Gandalf!
I think it is amazing that someone can create this with a chainsaw. The artist name is Richard Purcell. Sadly he does not have a website but can be contacted at for any enquiries.


  1. What a great garden ornament!

  2. Love your felting work(found you on Etsy...and came for a wee nosey!) Also not surprised you were tempted by this - just wonderful. Cheers Claire x

    1. Thanks Claire. I have become quite attached to him!