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Monday, 2 September 2013

Learning Tunisian crochet

I have a new addiction. I mean interest! Tunisian crochet.
In the UK it is not a widely known craft and I had never even heard of it until I joined Etsy. I liked the look of it and decided to have a go. After finding instructions I decided to make a stripey blanket ( nothing minor). I have plenty of yarn lying around the house and thought it would be a good way to use them up. I also love the work of Kaffe Fassett and like his motto of if you're not sure that the colours  match add 20 more! Well I will admit to buying a few extra colours.
I started with a small  practice piece where I did manage to gain a few stitches on some rows and lose a few on others but after a couple of hours got the hang of it. I started my blanket and can't put it down. I got plenty of time at the weekend because we had a long car journey and I was a passenger. Here is what I've done so far
As you can see I haven't sewn in the ends yet even though I told myself I would do it as I went. I just can't wait to start on the next set of colours. I will do the sewing in soon I promise. I intend to crochet all the pieces together but can't decide on what colour to use. Should I go for a neutral colour for all of the joins or try to use a colour which is on the end of each rectangle to join them?
Any advise from an experienced blanket maker would be appreciated. Actually any advise from anyone would be appreciated.
Must go and crochet.


  1. I absolutely love these, you've done an amazing job : )

    I'm not an experienced blanket maker or anything, but I think a neutral colour to crochet them together would look fine.

    Something like this.....

    1. Thanks Yvonne. That does look good and it would be a lot easier than trying to match all the colours up.

  2. Your Tunisian crochet is perfect. I like the blocks for the throw that you are making.