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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Abstract felt art challenge.

This month's art team challenge was 'abstract'. This is a little out of my comfort zone and took many hours of thought before I got started. Mostly I dislike art that is just unidentified blobs of colour so decided to go with representational abstract. I came up with this.
I decided that I wanted a simple image and for some reason I had the title 'clear blue' in my head. I went for 3 dimensional pebbles with a suggestion of  shallow water running over and around them. Just because an image is simple it doesn't have to be boring. Simple images give you the opportunity to go wild with texture. In this piece I have the 3D pebbles as well as two different types of  silk, wool neps, soya bean fibres, yarn and hand stitching. It took some time to put together and had to be felted very firmly but I am quite pleased with the result. Here is a close up which shows the textures better.


  1. Replies
    1. I enjoyed making this one. Bit out of my comfort zone. Do you make felt?

  2. This abstract felt is soooo beautiful. It is not gaudy or garish. Very peaceful. I can not say it enough 'Well done'.

  3. Thank you Shirley. I find this one peaceful as well.