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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hand Spun art yarn

 Last week when browsing Pinterest I found myself lusting after some art yarn to include in my felts. It had merino, silk, Wensleydale locks and all manner of good things in it ( a bit like chocolate cake really).  I was trying to persuade myself that this very expensive yarn would be worth the money when I realised that I already had all of the raw ingredients. I also have a spinning wheel and know how to use it!
I dug my spinning wheel out of the barn where it has been for about six years and found my Wensleydale locks.
The spinning wheel was a bit grumpy and needed a little TLC before it would work and the locks were very dirty. I coaxed the wheel in to life and washed, degreased and dyed the locks.
I  then rooted around my studio and found silks, soy bean fibres and some other goodies which I had already dyed. When I put them all together and spun them with some dyed merino this is what I ended up with 
Since then I have also dyed and spun some green yarn and here is my first felt containing it. I used the green yarn to represent the grasses and it felted in beautifully. No stitching was needed.


  1. What great opportunity to be able to spin your own yarn. The colors are so bright.

    1. I've found it very useful and I do love bright colours.