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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Free machine stitching with soluble stabiliser

Hi everyone,
Recently I have been experimenting with water soluble stabiliser. It's really useful to create something light and lacy with free machine embroidery. I wanted to create some autumnal leaves and thought it would be perfect. Here are some photo's of  one. Framed and a close up.
I used white organza as a base which peeps through the stitching and gives the effect of a light dusting of frost sparkling on the leaf. They are mounted on Khadi paper which has a wonderful texture and is made in India from recycled cotton rags. Although they could just as easily be mounted on fabric this creates a nice contrast. If you would like to see more photos pay a visit to my etsy shop.

I plan on making more and will take step by step photos so I can post a tutorial for anyone who wants to give it a  go.

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