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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

craft fair and socks

Last weekend I had a stall at Bont Christmas fair. I finally managed to get enough work together for it! Saturday was very slow. We discovered that a coach full of people from the local area had gone to Cardiff on a shopping trip so that could explain why.
 The lady on the stall next to me was knitting socks to pass the time. Now, this is always something that I have wanted to do but I am not an accomplished knitter and can't get my head around circular needles or working on four needles. However, she was using two needles. We got chatting and she agreed to teach me the next day. That night I hastily knitted the rib for the ankle as instructed and took it with me for instruction on the difficult bit the next day. Despite her instructions I found it very confusing and when I ended up with twelve stitches on my needle instead of eight I gave up.
The craft fair on Sunday was much busier and I sold lots of work and met some very nice people. That evening the thought that I had given up on the socks kept niggling so I searched the web for easy sock patterns and found one which looked manageable.It was on an American site called Bevs country cottage if anyone wants to have a go.The only trouble was that American needle sizes and wool thickness do not seem to be the same as British so I guessed. The outcome was a sock which fitted lengthways but was about three times too wide! Still it is a start and I will try again with smaller needles.
Here is a photo of one of the pictures which I sold.    

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