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Monday, 2 April 2012

thinking of summer and chickens

The warmer weather has had me thinking of summer and summer clothing so I've started to make some lightweight, summer shawls in nuno felt.The picture above is one of them and was made by making several large pieces of nuno felt then cutting them up, rearranging them and joining together with crochet panels.You can see more pictures of it in my etsy shop
  I am now working on a blue one.
The warm weather has also given me chicken problems. Every time I leave a door open the battery hens which I rescued wander indoors! They have grown in confidence and have gotten very cheeky. They seem to find it inconceivable that I do not always want to give them treats. It is not too bad if I see them but at the weekend one wandered in without my knowledge and pooed on the kitchen floor-good job it's tiled and not carpeted.

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