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Monday, 30 April 2012

Wonder wool Wales

On Sunday I went to one of my favourite places, Wonderwool Wales. It is a yearly festival of wool and all things related to it. There is plenty of opportunity to buy supplies and get ideas as well as meet interesting, creative people. The night before it had been a little windy but we decided that we would go over the mountains as that is the most direct route.As we got nearer we began to see small branches and leaves on the road where the wind had blown but still carried on. We got about 5 miles along the mountain road only to be confronted with a whole tree blocking the road. We tried to move it but couldn't and it is a very narrow road so had to reverse about half a mile then turn around and go the long way around. However when we finally got there it was worth the effort. I spent far too much on supplies but will have a lovely time using them. Last week I made a scarf from recycled sari silk so I bought some more in different colours to make more scarves to put on etsy. Here is a picture of the tree and the scarf which I had already made.

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