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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

hat making step 3

Now you need to lay out your fibres. Firstly lay your bubble wrap on the work top with your cardboard form on top. Then lay a thin layer of wool, evenly over the form arranging the colours as you wish. This first layer will be the inside of your hat. Spray with soapy water and then cover with the rest of the bubble wrap. Holding it carefully between the two layers of bubble wrap turn the form over. You will be able to see some of the fibres sticking out from underneath the form. You should fold these over so they come around the sides and on to the second side of the form. Now repeat those steps on the second side. You need to keep turning and adding more layers until you have 3 layers on each side.
Now keeping everything covered with the plastic rub the fibres in a circular motion to tangle them. Gently at first then with more force. Do this on both sides and pay particular attention to the edges. You should be able to feel the cardboard edge through the fibres. If you let the two sides felt together at the edge you will have a ridge in the finished hat.
This step will be quite exhausting as you have to keep going until the fibres are matted in to place.
Now sit down and have a break. I will be back tomorrow.

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