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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

hat making step one

First you need to assemble the things in the picture.

Fleece - I have used Merino tops but any fine to medium fleece will do as long as it has been de greased, washed, carded and dyed first. You can buy fleece which is ready  to use from good craft suppliers.
Bubble wrap - just the usual wrap which is used in parcels. It needs to be double the size of your form.
Cardboard form- this is what you need to get the basic shape of your hat. For instance a beret would be a circle. I usually cut up breakfast cereal boxes to make mine. Imagine the shape of the hat you want to make squashed flat. That is the shape you need to cut out. It also needs to be at least 3 inches bigger than the size required.
Cling film - this is to wrap the form in so that it does not disintegrate when wet. 

Tomorrow we will begin to lay out the fibres.

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