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Monday, 17 June 2013

Liebster award nominees

I've decided to pass the Liebster award on to these bloggers. Treat yourself and take a look at their blogs.
I'm choosing Anna because she finds such amazing , vintage products.
Shirley writes a very informative sewing blog
Beth creates amazing fused glass products.
Gloria is just plain fun!
Karen makes fantastic wall hangings and dyes wonderful colours on to fabric.

Here are my questions for them.

1) Who is your favourite artist?
2)Are you a morning early bird or night owl?
3)When did you first start writing your blog?
4)Who is your ideal man?
5)What is your worst habit?
6)What type of music do you like to listen to?
7)Favourite holiday destination?
8)Do you sell your creations and if so where?
9)Who is your biggest fan?
10)What is your favourite weather?
11)What is your favourite TV show?


  1. Thank you, Sue! I've been called other things, but "fun" is one I like. ♥

    1. Well our pinterest game is fun and it was your idea.

  2. hi! I nominated you at Liebsters Blog Awards

    1. Hi there, thank you very much but I was awarded this last week. Would you prefer to give it to some one who has not been awarded it already?