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Monday, 15 July 2013

felt painting of my pigs!

As many of you know I live on a small holding with my family and lots of animals. I decided to make a felt of my pigs, Polly and Belinda.
Polly is Belinda's aunt. Sadly Belinda's mother died of pneumonia  not long after she had her litter but Polly took over the raising of the piglets. One day she found a way to get in to next door's field to visit their pigs and also stole a bucket of yoghurt ( she did share it with the piglets). My neighbor telephoned me and I had to take a bucket of feed round to tempt Polly back home. As I couldn't get through the fence I had to get her to follow me down the road. She followed me and the 9 piglets followed her. Just at that moment a bus went past and I could see the passengers pointing and laughing. We must have looked funny.
Polly is getting old now and her eyesight is going. She is quite deaf too but happy grazing with Belinda and the sheep. She also sleeps a lot in the nest they make in their shed. Sometimes at feeding time I have to go and prod her to wake her up! Here is the felt.
Here is a picture of the real Polly in her nest.
The next picture is Belinda.
She is busy making the nest under Polly's instruction.


  1. What a lovely pig portrait. I used to ride past a field of pigs, and they obviously loved their free range life, although my horse was always less than impressed and had to be coaxed to walk past them!

    1. I am not a great rider but I did used to ride a friend's horse and one day some pigs were put in a field on our usual route. She was terrified of them and reared up. I wonder if all horses are scared of pigs?

  2. These are gorgeous Sue - your artwork and your pigs : )

    1. Thanks for saying my artwork is gorgeous Yvonne. I know the pigs are lovely!